Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thick as a Brick: I promise to be more entertaining next time.

     Let's clear the air about something:  China.  This point last century, China was in a similar position economically. Around the 2nd biggest economy in world, rising military power, and about 5% of it's population pulled out of poverty.  The problem is, when 5% of 900 million gets money and the rest are poverty stricken individuals working in sweatshop conditions, what you get is social disorder.  You can feel that leaking through the fringes of the news we get here in the U.S.. The problem for China is the same one for France during it's revolution and for Russia for that matter.  Not the overall poverty level, but the fact that the revolution will start at the bottom.
     The American Revolution was, by and large, rich men organizing people along known social lines.  A conservative revolution.  With an ocean between the targets of the revolution and the revolutionaries.  The other's mentioned are more traditional:  lower classes vs. high, rich vs poor, haves vs nots.  The blood flow was awesome in the Great Leap Forward.  With wealth centralized in the hands of the few, shrinking world resources and no plan we can expect another in the future.

Sorry. July was a bad month in a bad year in a bad decade.  Prices are rising.  Temperatures are rising.  Tempers are fraying.