Monday, September 24, 2012

The dumbest thing Michael Dukakis thing ever did was hesitate.

The first political add I remember was the Willie Horton attack add against Michael Dukakis. Then, during the debate, when asked if he would (paraphrased) want to kill someone who attached his family, the answer should have been an unqualified yes. Spoken loud.
Not because it's right. Because its the nature of the beast. One of the basest, but likely a survival mechanism for genetic information. Think the Price equation.
But he should have asked "but, should I be making that decision? Should I be allowed to make that decision in a society of laws?".
Don't get me wrong. I am very pro death penalty. Not because it's right, but because it's cheaper and nicer than sixty years of imprisonment in an American SuperMax facility. Even more so than in some over crowded third world hell hole or Russian gulag.
But that doesn't make it right.

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