Friday, July 29, 2011

The Clasp (1)

     Okay, I have no dog in this fight, but it has been a topic of discussion, so: gay marriage.  It's not that I  don 't have gay friends, they're just not in committed relationships.  It's not that I don't  believe in the bible, I have already stoned my wife for wearing cotton and polyester (read: jeans) and killed one child for disrespecting me (read: his father).  And that's all the reference to Leviticus I'm using. I just think the discussion is silly.  The government has only one duty where marriage is concerned: inheritance issues.  Otherwise they should stay out if it.  Okay, legal connections for insurance coverage.  But that's it.  Civil union stuff.  If you don't want to marry homosexuals in your church, good on you, but that's not political, that's personal.  A personal belief has no business in policy, it's not pragmatic it's dogmatic. 
     Now the new New York thing intrigues me: on one side people getting married appeals to the sappy romantic who straps on a vag for the month of December to watch Christmas comedies movies on Lifetime,  on the other  it's slightly offensive to the same spirit, in that, in all likelihood, the main reason for the change was the millions of dollars in tourism that this decision will generate for New York.  
     I did see a man on TV said that gay marriage would ruin my life, which is good to know, I was wondering what happened.  

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