Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jet Fuel Genius (1)

    So, we do not want to tax job creators.  Done.  We link tax rebates to job creation.  Nationally we give tax rebates only to companies that increase the number of jobs in the us.   Maintained jobs over time.  If the net job increase, in the U.S.,  is 10% over the last fiscal year, you get that amount in  tax credits.  We never pay a company to do business in the U.S. (we are capitalists -- sorry, couldn't keep a straight face -- after all).  All other tax credits go away.  This will reduce government interference in the economy, and reduce the size of government overall, which is what we all want.  We would lose jobs  in the IRS and Tax Lawyer sectors but we would benefit overall. 
     Of course, we would have to change our trade policies.  Simple enough, match the trade policies of other nations, say 35% tariffs on imports from India and 20% on imports from China.  I know,   it's not free trade, and we'll have to pay more for out lead based toys, and it's not fair those tariffs are still lower than their tariffs  on our exports, but if a company creates jobs in the U.S. then they get those nifty tax rebates.
     The jobs don't even have to be well paying, they just need to include health insurance.  An ancillary benefit would be loosening of the immigration restrictions, after all, we will need more hands for all the extra jobs we create here. 
Ooooh! And we can stop wondering if the only jobs our kids will have will be selling coffee to each other or living at home as in-house health care providers for their aging parents.

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