Sunday, July 24, 2011

I got your "write it down" or The Basics

The thought for the moment is political, so, for today, the philosophical facts:
Politics should be intranationally liberal and internationally conservative.
You protect your citizens from all comers.
The Constitution protects the innocent from the mob.  If you think otherwise, you are the mob.
Airport security does not protect you, it advertises protection and the public buys it. 
Relationships are simple, if you have to ask the question (is this wrong, is this cheating, should I break up with them) the answer is probably yes, the rest is rationalization.
If one percent of the population owns ninety-nine percent of the wealth, where should taxes be drawn from?  (Robin Hood robbed from the rich because the poor had nothing -- there is a lesson in this).
Napoleon would have kicked George Washington's ass.

and last: 

People need to stop voting for hope.   The politician that promises moral rectitude, winds up hiring hookers while on the clock.  An advocate for the poor and needy winds up riding in a limo.  Voting against the "death tax" is voting for the hope you will be rich enough to apply to you.  Hope is wonderful.  It gets you up in the morning.  Practicality keeps your grandma in Depends.

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